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I have social media, why do I need a website?

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By now, pretty much every business owner is aware of the power of social media and use it to varying degrees to promote their businesses. Social media profiles are powerful tools and allow businesses to tap into societies love for social media and, in 2020, they are a must for any business. When used to their full potential, they allow businesses to gain a global audience and the majority include their own advertising platforms which are easy for businesses to setup and use and are generally cheaper than traditional advertising.

Social media is great. However, if you want to maximise your business, continue to establish your brand and take back control, you need a website.

On your social media platforms, you are limited to the functionality they want to give you, you give them (either willingly or unwillingly) permission to use your content as they please and you are at the mercy of their algorithms as to whether or not your content will be seen by your followers.

Now, contrast that with owning your own website.

Your website is completely owned by you, you can design and build it whatever way you wish and you can use it to capture leads and contacts that can ultimately become your customers. Having your own website allows you to organically grow your own audience, so next time you launch a product you will have a fully-qualified bunch of leads that you can market to. You can do this very simply with a data capture form that is linked up to an email marketing platform.

A website is also essential if you are serious about your brand. Having your own domain name will instantly make you look more professional, credible and trustworthy. With your own domain, you can setup a Google Analytics account and you will have the tools to see and track all of the activity on your website. You can see everything from where users are coming from, to how long they're staying and what content is engaging them.

If you're convinced and need help setting up your online please get in touch.

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